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Finals season is here! Send them a healthy dose of love and inspiration from Beyond Bookmarks.

The Dude Gift Pack

A very TONGUE-IN-CHEEK gift for the teen or young man. Includes many hilarious gifts that will provide quite a laugh, such as the Fake Swears Book (Holy Shift Key! 102% clean exclamations), The Fifty Farts Card Deck, the 'Wash Your Nuts' Soap on a Rope (yes - a pair of acorns) and more! Please note that the 'wash your nuts' soap is as inappropriate as this pack gets. It's really a very 'clean gift' that we would have no problem gifting to our own sons! Complete contents listed below. Contents packed in your choice of a gift basket tray or a white shipping box.


Dude Gift Pack

Kit Contents:

  • Beyond Bookmarks Gift Tag (a keepsake bookmark with your personal message of love and support!)
  • Fake Swears Book ( Holy shift key! This hard cover phrasebook is full of exclamations that sound naughty but are 100% office-ready, kid-friendly, and grandma-approved. Strong language was never so safe. Dirty words were never so clean!)
  • 'Motion' Card Deck (Add some optical illusions to your next poker game with these pixel cards.)
  • 'Wash Your Nuts' Soap on a Rope (Tongue in cheek soap on a rope will ensure the guy stays squeaky clean. Soaps are almond scented and shaped like a pair of shiny acorns.)
  • Can Do!/No Can Do! Pen (Quality pen with a floating message in the little window - changes from 'Can Do!' to 'No Can Do!' and back.)
  • 'Dude' Sticky Notes (Colorful and witty sticky notes for all his brilliant (or mundane) thoughts!)
  • Fidget Spinner (Hugely popular desk toy and stress-relieving tool provides a way to release that excess energy without being disruptive.)
  • Back Scratcher (whimsical, hand-shaped back scratcher will bring a smile to his face)
  • Bacon Lip Balm (Keep list moist and meaty around the clock with this bacon scented lip balm!)
  • Big Foot Air Freshener (Fun way to clear the air in a car, bedroom or gym locker, and it's Big Foot!)
  • You may choose to order the Dude Gift Pack with the items shrink-wrapped in a gift tray, or packed in crinkle cut shred and packed in a shipping box. We reserve the right to make substitutions for items of equal or greater value based on wholesale product availability.