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No Flak Pack Teen Easter Gift Basket

Teens can be hard to buy for, so send them the No Flak Teen Gift Pack! They'll love this great assortment of puzzles, fidget toys, and useful tools. Great choice as an Easter Basket Gift for those teen boys you don't know how to please. Complete contents detailed below.
Availability: Available to ship March 1


No Flak Pack - Easter

Kit Contents:

  • Beyond Bookmarks Gift Tag (a keepsake bookmark with your personal message of love and support!)
  • 3D Wooden Dog Puzzle (creative & relaxing way to pass the time)
  • Sword in the Stone Puzzle (This wooden brainteaser puzzle is fantastic for families, as it can apply to a wide range of ages, from children to adults. It only takes a few moments to understand the challenge! All brainteasers from the True Genius line are inspired by one of five different ancient civilizations including Rome, Greece, China, Egypt and the ancient Aztec empire.)
  • Head Massager (Gives the whole body a relaxing feeling when you massage your head with the soft-tipped stainless-steel tips)
  • Herbal Shower Steamers (Place 1 shower steamer on the shower floor, and breathe in the relaxing aroma as the tablet melts and releases its essential oils into the shower steam. Great stress buster! Pack of 2.)
  • 3 in 1 Screen Cleaner (This compact, smart design contains a refillable spray bottle with cleaning solution, built-in microfiber cloth exterior, and a case that doubles as phone stand)
  • Nail Clipper Set (making it perfectly clear which clipper to use)
  • Duckie Flashlight Keychain (Yes! It's a quacking keychain with an LED light. So fun!)
  • Fidget Spinner (the classic fidget toy, great for any age)
  • Puzzle Book (either Sudoku or Word Find)
  • Glow Nee Doh Ball (the Groovy Glowing Glob! Great as a stress buster, or just to toss around)
  • Contents will be packed in a beautiful Easter gable gift box, tied with a bow, and placed in a box for shipping. We reserve the right to make substitutions for items of equal or greater value when necessary.