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For the love of Chocolate!
Chocoholic is filled with traditional favorites such as Snickers, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Dove, and Kit Kat Bars as well as some new faves such as Funky Chunky's Sea Salt Caramel Popcorn, a crunchy mix of popcorn, chocolate, caramel, cashews & sea salt (YUM!!!!). Add 2 strings of heart-shaped beads, a plush Valentine's Koala bear, the Cupid's Arrow Pencil and this great pack just oozes with love!
Availability: AVAILABLE TO SHIP January 20 thru February 14



AVAILABLE TO SHIP January 20 thru February 14

Kit Contents:

  • Beyond Bookmarks Gift Tag (a keepsake bookmark with your personal message of love and support!)
  • Plush Valentine's Koala Bear (happy huggable pal will bring a smile to any face)
  • Valentine's Can Cooler (keep canned drinks cool with this fun heart-themed Koozie)
  • Hot Chocolate Packets (2 packets of liquid chocolate....just add water!)
  • Funky Chunky's Sea Salt Caramel Popcorn (crunchy mix of popcorn, chocolate, caramel, cashews & sea salt - maybe the best thing we've ever eaten!)
  • Milano Cookies (yummmmmmm!)
  • Hershey's Nuggets (6 chocolate nuggets in assorted flavors)
  • 5 Classic Chocolate Bar Favorites! (Kit Kat Bar, Twix, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Snickers, and a Dove Dark Chocolate Bar)
  • Nature Valley Protein Bar (dark chocolate preanut butter)
  • M & M's Candies (what chocolate overload would be complete without this perpetual favorite?)
  • Hershey's Chocolate Kisses (because Valentine's Day should come with a kiss, so we include 4 ounces of them)
  • Famous Amos Chocolate Chip Cookies (almost as good as mom's)
  • Clif Protein Bar (white chocolate macadamia nut!)
  • Oreo Cookies (ummmmm...a favorite of cookie lovers everywhere)
  • Valentine Beads (2 strands) (wearable decor to celebrate the day)
  • Cupid's Arrow Pencil (a pencil with 2 big erasers, in the shape of a Cupid Arrow - target a favorite loved one!)
  • Valentine's Day Card (the traditional kind, for a quick nostalgia trip back to 3rd grade)