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Focus on Finals

This specially curated kit is full of snacks and tools specifically designed to increase energy, focus, and concentration. With super foods like pistachios for essential fatty acids, and many items made with whole grains, they'll accomplish more in less time. We've included a Head Massager to help them relax, and our signature Can Koozie with an empowering word collage.
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Focus on Finals

Kit Contents:

  • Beyond Bookmarks Gift Tag (a keepsake bookmark with your personal message of love and support!)
  • Head Massager (a healthy way to help them relax))
  • Cascadian Farms Organic Chewy Granola Bar (blueberries, cranberries, whole grains)
  • Kettlecorn (whole grain and delicious)
  • Fruit Leather (quick, all natural fruit strip for on the go energy)
  • Clif Bar (healthy meal substitute)
  • Sweet Potato Tortilla Chips (crave-ably delicious)
  • Whole Grain Rice Krispie Treat (tastes just as good as the original)
  • Pirate's Booty (deliciously baked, never fried, puffed rice and corn snack made with real aged white cheddar cheese)
  • Pistachios (experts recommend nuts for their essential fatty acids)
  • Multigrain Tortilla style Chips (you just can't beat whole grains!)
  • Steel Cut Oatmeal (quick and yummy instant oatmeal will get their day started off on the right foot)
  • Annie's Bunny Snacks (we include 2 flavors of these great whole grain snacks)
  • Brother's Fuji Apple Fruit Crisps (all natural, great tasting, healthy fuel to get the job done)
  • Belvita Breakfast Bars (with 18 grams of whole grains, one pack provides nutritious, sustained energy for several hours)
  • Zip Fizz Energy Drink Mix (just add to a bottle of water for healthy energy that lasts 4 to 6 hours. Zero sugar, high in vitamin B12 and electrolytes, with no more caffeine than a single cup of coffee.)
  • Highlighter (you can never have too many of these handy study aids)
  • Pack of Index Cards (great study tool)
  • Tazo Tea - 2 flavors (1 each of 'Zen' flavor and 'Focus' flavor)
  • Squirt Froggie Stress Toy (Exams are stressful--everyone needs something to throw around once in a while! )
  • 'Be Happy' Openings Card (card pops open to a variety of inspiring quotes such as 'Your spark can become a flame and change everything. - E.D. Nixon')
  • Contents are packed in festive crinkle cut shred in our signature shipping box. We reserve the right to make substitutions for items included in our packs based on availability.