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Tons of Fun Easter Gift Basket

The Tons of Fun Easter Gift Basket includes lots of fun toys and activities designed to keep them busy and make them feel special. You will have the opportunity to add a small bag of Easter Goodies (Assorted Lollipops and Bite Sized Chocolates & Candies) to your gift. See below for complete list of contents.


Tons of Fun - Easter

Kit Contents:

  • Butterfly Surprise (A new spin on a classic prank, the Surprise Butterfly is twisted, literally. Using rubber bands, twist the butterfly and place in a book or binder for an eye-opening surprise! Includes two trick butterflies and five rubber bands. Assorted styles. )
  • Unicorn Flingers (Make these magical creatures fly up to 30 feet. Includes two 4" unicorn flingers.)
  • Cloud Slime (As fluffy as a cloud, stretch and pull this super soft slime for satisfying sensations. 5.5 oz. Assorted colors.)
  • Jumpsies Stretchy Jump Rope (Chinese Jump Rope - This 72in long loop jump rope comes in assorted colors. Blister carded with instructions for playing.)
  • Colorful Stretchy Caterpillar Pal (These cute little critters measure 7.5 inches long and have bodies made of squishy, stretchy tactile segments. Assorted colors - blue, green, purple, pink, and orange.)
  • Pig Jax Game (Save yourself from Boar-dom with the Pig Jax Set. Just like the traditional game of Jax, you bounce the ball and try to pick up as many of the pink piggies as you can!)
  • String Game (Classic string tricks! Learn how to do the cat's cradle, Eiffel tower, diamond, and several more patterns.)
  • Your Choice of an Easter Gift Card
  • Tons of Fun as listed above will be packed in crinkle cut shred in a fun Easter gable gift box and tied with a bow. We reserve the right to make substitutions as necessary, based on wholesale product availability, for items of equal or greater value.