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We are still here and shipping out our boxes of love and fun from Boerne, Texas. Strong together!

Boy's Deluxe Flat Pack

Whether camp rules only permit you to send whatever will fit in an envelope, or if you just prefer to keep it simple, send the Boy's Deluxe Flat Pack! Full of a surprising quantity of fun items that will keep you in good standing with the camp director AND your special camper! See below for a complete list of included items.
PLEASE NOTE: In compliance with most summer camp policies, we do not include any food or candy in our camp packs, and packaging is kept to a minimum.


Flat Pack - Boy Deluxe

Kit Contents:

  • Crack Yourself Up Jokes for Kids (zany collection of one-liners, puns, and funny lists will make any kid a comedian!)
  • Finger Trap (don't get your fingers caught!)
  • Firefly (use the included launcher to shoot this mini-copter into the air and watch the LED light show as it spirals back to the ground. Launch it over and over!)
  • Frog Flingers (shoot these sticky frogs at the fold out target)
  • Glow Loop Saucer (flying saucer glows in the dark)
  • Goofy Mad Libs (silly, fill in the blank fun)
  • Ufidget (flip it or fold it for hours of mind-bending fun)
  • Magna Buzz Magnets (Hold these magnets in your hand and toss them in the air for the coolest sound ever)
  • Pen on Lanyard (oh-so-handy)
  • Bendy Monster (this camp pal will bring a smile to their face)