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Brain Buster Holiday Gift

Keep them puzzling and building for hours with the fantastic toys, puzzles, games, and kits in this pack! Spark their imagination, teach them problem solving, and let them learn that using their Brain is fun! Brain Buster Holiday Gift will be packed in a festive holiday box, tied with ribbon and a bow, and packed in a standard shipping box. See below for complete list of contents.


Brain Buster - Holi

Kit Contents:

  • Double Drop (It's a new spin on an old classic! Tilt and swirl to sink the balls into the center hole. Then flip it over and play the opposite side. Double the challenge, double the fun ...)
  • Trash Pandas Card Game (trash is treasure in this raucous card game! paw through the deck to find sets of day-old pizza, half-eaten candy, and other luscious leftovers. Roll the die to tip over the garbage or raid a rival's rubbish, if there's no Doggos standing guard.)
  • Dog Pile Stacking Puzzle (this Pup-Packing Puzzle includes 48 unique challenges to keep them busy for hours! Includes 12 colorful multi-sized dog shapes. Arrange them on the card to fit perfectly within the grid.)
  • Coral Maze (Getting the ball bearing around this maze is harder than it looks!)
  • Puzzle Fifteen (One of the world's most recognized and popular puzzles. Scramble the numbers and then put them back in numerical order.)
  • The Brain Buster Holiday Gift contents will be packed in a festive Holiday Gable Box and tied with a bow, as seen in alternate product photo. We reserve the right to make substitutions for items of equal or greater value, based on wholesale product availability.