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Rule the Cool Guy's Holiday Gift Basket

Rule the Cool makes a great teen guy's Holiday Gift. Includes a laser-cut wood puzzle, a retro hand-held 'arcade' game, plus tons of cool, useful tools. See below for a complete list of included items.


Kit Contents:

  • Beyond Bookmarks Gift Tag (a keepsake bookmark with your personal message of love and support!)
  • 3D Gorilla Wood Puzzle (laser cut puzzle is a challenging and creative way to pass the time)
  • Back Scratcher (with an extendable handle to get those hard to reach itches)
  • Set of 3 Smart-Aleck Pencils (pencils with funny messages such as 'Trust me. I'm a Ninja.', 'Son of a bee sting!', and 'I'm kind of a big deal.')
  • Mini Thumb Sumo (Good ol' American thumb wrestling meets the East with this unique kit that brings the competitive Japanese contact sport to both wrestling and sumo enthusiasts all over the world! This humorous kit includes two rubber sumo wrestlers that cover your thumbs, and a 32-page guide packed with fun facts and new variations on the classic pastime.)
  • Looper Cord Wraps (Keep your cords nicely organized, and prevent denting & tangles Set of 3 and comes in 3 different colors. Color is random and chosen at the time of shipping)
  • Hand and Foot Nail Clipper Set (making it perfectly clear which clipper to use)
  • Phone Pocket (essential "to-go" wallet that attaches to any phone or tablet. This universal phone pocket holds up to 3 cards. Stylish felt finish, easy removable non-residue 3M adhesive.)
  • Puzzle Keychain (from the great Meffert's Puzzle collection, this handy keychain is also a fully functioning twisty puzzle! Style varies.)
  • Holiday Treat Assortment (includes Jelly Belly's Reindeer Corn, a Candy Cane, Holiday Bendy Pal, Candy Cane Pen, and 2 gourmet Hot Cocoa packets)
  • Items will be packed in a fun Valentine's Day gift box and tied with a bow.