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Purely Puzzles Pack Teen Holiday Gift

Send this fun gift of puzzles and mind benders to the one who enjoys a challenge! Puzzles range in difficulty and will even prove a challenge to adults. See below for a detailed list of contents.


Purely Puzzles Pack - Holi

Kit Contents:

  • Beyond Bookmarks Gift Tag (a keepsake bookmark with your personal message of love and support!)
  • Molecube (A mix between a Rubik's cube and a Sudoku puzzle, Meffert's Molecube is extremely fun to play and hard to solve. The 26 colored balls come in nine different colors and the goal is to arrange the cube so that each of the six sides displays one ball of every color. A pleasant clicking sound and smooth mixing action make the Molecube hard to put down. )
  • Puzzle Baron's Logic Puzzles (Two hundred grid-based logic puzzles from Puzzle Baron, the mega-popular online puzzle site! For each puzzle, readers are given a background story and a list of clues and then left with only pure logic to arrive at the correct answer.)
  • Animal Packing Puzzle (the challenge is to fit all the animals back into their frame with no pieces left over or hanging out. These beastly puzzles are laser cut for precision from solid wood, making them a valuable gift! 4 different puzzles - Wild Horses, Cat Basket, Elephant Parade, and Monkey Madness, randomly selected at time of packing.)
  • 'No Brainer' Wooden Assembly Puzzle (take it apart and put it back together countless times, have a contest to see who can put it together the fastest)
  • Puzzle Book (either Sudoku or Word Find, selected at packing time)
  • Spinning Pen & Light (this one does triple dutyRelax and reduce stress with this multi-functional pen and stylus featuring LED light and spinning mechanism.)
  • Puzzle Keychain (from the great Meffert's Puzzle collection, this handy keychain is also a fully functioning twisty puzzle! Style varies.)
  • Holiday Additions! (includes an assortment of delicious goodies such as 2 Packs of Hot Cocoa, a Candy Cane, Reindeer Corn (red and green candy corn), and a holiday bendy Pal)
  • The contents of this gift will be packed down inside a festive holiday gable box and tied with a bow as shown in alternate product photo. We reserve the right to make substitutions of items of equal or greater value as necessary, based on wholesale product availability.