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Freshman Survival Kit

The perfect gift for high school graduates, with tools, tips, and treats for first year survival. Don't send 'em to college without it! The Freshman Survival Kit combines first year essentials with cool supplies, stress relieving toys, and items students forget to bring like an Fold-up Rain Poncho and Emergency Stain Rescue Wipes. The first year of college is a tough transition for parents and students. Gifts with a twist of humor, such as the 'Mental Note' sticky notes, help everyone to feel a little better.
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Freshman Survival Kit

Kit Contents:

  • 'Make a Plan' Sticky Paper Mousepad (A mousepad! A sticky pad! A list-lover’s best friend! Write all the lists and accomplish all the things with this super-functional (and super-fun) list pad. Doodle, dream, cross things off. Tear sheets out and stick ’em in your planner. Make a list. And another, and another. You’ll feel better.)
  • 'Mental Note' Sticky Notes (staying organized in a fun way)
  • Emergency Stain Rescue Wipes (a pack of 5 stain-fighting wipes from the Hate Stains Company. A powerful ally for those learning to do laundry for the first time!)
  • 'Common Grounds' Travel Mug and 2 Single Serve Coffees (the mug is great for carrying hot or cold beverages to class or around the quad)
  • Survival Tool ( box opener, screwdriver, wrench and ruler all in one)
  • Head Massager (massage away the stress!)
  • 'No Brainer' Puzzle (a retro wooden assembly puzzle to help jump start their mind)
  • Smiley Face Squeeze Ball Stress Buster (no matter how many times they flatten this little pal, he bounces back with a smile)
  • The items in Freshman Survival Kit will be packed in festive crinkle-cut shred, down inside our signature 12x9x4 shipping box. We reserve the right to make substitutions for items in our packs as necessary, based on wholesale product availability.