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Active Fun Holiday Gift

Filled with only the coolest games and activities, the Active Fun gift pack will make the lucky recipient the envy of everyone around the tree! Complete contents listed below

Packed in a beautiful snowflake gable box with a bow and finished off with your gift tag message.


Active Fun - Holi

Kit Contents:

  • Atom Ball (quirky, squishy atom ball is safe for throwing and catching! These 3 1/2" wiggly, jiggly balls have lots of legs and fun electric colors.)
  • Laugh Out Loud Jokes Book for Kids (Get ready to start laughing with the Laugh-Out-Loud Book for Kids. This book is jam-packed with funny, kid-friendly jokes. Great for travelling, doctor's visits, or any time you want or need a good laugh!)
  • Rebound Ball (Super fun yo-yo ball! Throw and then catch it as it rebounds on its stretchy cord.)
  • Rattlesnake Eggs (this set of hematite magnets is so much fun! Toss them in the air and listen to them 'buzz' as they drop back into your hand. Great as an ice breaker!)
  • Test Tube Slime - (2 colors of slippery slime in a 5 1/2 inch test tube)
  • Flip Car (Give the Double-sided Flip Car a shove and watch it drive over obstacles, up walls, flip over and just keep going. This 4.5-inch friction racer car features a two-sided design and all-terrain wheels.)
  • Whoopie Cushion (cause kids love those bathroom noises)
  • Gift Card Choice (see photo for choices)
  • The Active Fun Christmas gift will be packed in a beautiful Holiday Gable Gift Box and tied with a bow.